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At Newland Ranch we manage a 100% free range flock of Rhode Island Red laying hens that are squired about by roosters Jim and Kevin.  We supply happy customers with farm fresh eggs having nearly orange yolks that stand tall, and whites that hold their shape.  Once you've had farm fresh eggs it changes the way you view the eggs you get in the store ... no question about it.

About 3 times a year we brood out and raise to market weight pastured broilers ... some, may think of them as fryers.  Like our eggs, once you've had farm raised birds your notion of what chicken should be like is changed forever.  Firm, yet moist, flavorful and succulent.  Pasture raised, Newland Ranch broilers range in weight from 5 to 6.5 pounds per bird.  Harvesting is done by a professional poultry processor and packaged for long term freezer storage.

Newland Ranch also does free range holiday turkeys.  These birds have free run of the ranch and carouse about as if they are a wild flock of birds.  This natural approach to raising our turkeys produces flavorful and succulent birds, similar to our broilers.  Our birds run on the large size, ranging from 18 to 30 plus pounds for some of the toms.  A Newland Ranch truley makes a holiday table very special.