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Welcome to Newland Ranch!

Newland Ranch produces a variety of top quality farm products.  

Our business model is to sell retail packaged farm produced products directly to area customers. This allows households to benefit from high quality farm sourced products in more managable quanities than having to purchase a half cow, hog or a dozen fryers.  

Conventiently located to the Portland and Salem metropolitan areas, in the heart of the Willamette Valley near Molalla, Oregon, Newland Ranch is blessed with good dirt and an abundance of clear water.  These valuable resources allow us to produce some of the finest foods found anywhere.

Beef: We raise registered Hereford cattle.  Annually we produce both grass and grain finished animals.  NRS grass fed cattle are raised longer than most, up to 24 months, which provides greater marbeling and fullness of cut.  At harvest our beef  is aged in excess of 3 weeks to intensify natural flavors.  All Newland Ranch beef is USDA inspected, stamped and packaged in heavy duty freezer ready wrap.

Poultry: Newland Ranch has only free ranging pasture raised birds.  Our Cornish Cross meat birds are harvested at between 6 and a half to 8 weeks of age, yielding a bird weighing between 4.5 and 7 pounds.  You can read more about our Poultry program under the POULTRY tab of  this site.  Newland Ranch birds have free access to fresh pasture and water.  Buyers of our birds can expect true chicken flavor, moist white meat and a succulence that many have never had before.  These are fabulous birds and are a special treat for any table.  Harvesting is done by a humane centered USDA sanctioned processor, and are packaged using a special freezer safe bagging method that holds for months in the freezer.

Pork: Newland Ranch pork has that dark pork color that one finds with porkiest of flavor.  Our pigs are raised right here at Newland Ranch and are a cross between Tamworth and Duroc breeding stock.  Tamworth hogs are a heritage variety known as "the Bacon Pig," and delivers a distinctive pork flavor heritage breeds are known for.  The Duroc part of the equation brings size.  All pork products at Newland Ranch are harvested using a USDA processer, and vacuum packed for safe keeping.

Thanksgiving Turkeys: Starting with day old chicks in mid-summer we raise a limited number of  holiday turkeys.  Our birds are moved from our in-barn brooder to an outside brooder equipped with heat lamps when they are but 2 weeks old.  After 2 more weeks the poults are moved to our poultry rearing fields and are turned out daily to graze with our cattle.  These free range turkeys make for a very special holiday table.  Succulence and a robust true turkey flavor best describes these birds.  

Food safety, nutrition, culinary excellence are the primary objectives of our ranch operation.  We truly believe that people need to know, as much as they can, where their food comes from and how it is raised.  Call us, and we are happy to give you a tour of Newland Ranch so you can see how we do it here ... then you decide where you'd like to buy your beef, poultry and pork.

Give us a call at 503/806-2177 and see what we have available for your table, and treat your family to the very best.  

They deserve it!

Eric and Marilyn Davenport