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Demanding performance and consistency has led Newland Ranch to breed and raise registered Hereford cattle which are known for their premium quality meat, size, growth rate and mild manner.

Our blood stock was sourced from Vollstead Farms, long recognized as a leading breeder of registered Herefords in the Pacific Northwest.

We sell registered Hereford breed stock to other farms to replenish their breeding herds, and we harvest select animals after they have reached prime conditioning to best insure excellent marbleing and cut portions.

Newland Ranch herd is rotated through our fields on a regular basis to optimize pasture management.  All of our pastures have tall Douglas Fir trees for shade and protection from the elements, and an ample supply of clean clear drinking water.

All Newland Ranch beef animals are hormone and antibiotic free.  Some of our animals are finished on grain that is formulated and supplied by Union Mills Feed, located 5 miles from the ranch, and others are solely finished on grass.   Contact us to find what's available at any given time.

Also, steaks are cut between 1.25 and 1.5 inches.  Often, a single steak will feed two, depending on your appetite and age ... young buckaroo boys can put away a lot of good beef.  Typically, other cuts are packaged to feed a family.

All Newland Ranch beef is USDA inspected, dry aged for 3 or more weeks, and double vaccum packed for extra long freezer shelf life.

If you want to treat yourself to something special, or if you want to treat someone in a very special way, Newland Ranch beef is the ticket for you!