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Cattle Handlling Coming to Newland

Thank God for a New Squeeze Chute

A few months ago I purchased a new squeeze chute so I can better and more safely handle my cattle.  Last summer while trying to get into a head catch, stanchion, a cow kicked me and I'd like to of thought she'd broke my leg.  Right then I started shopping squeeze chutes and after several months purchased a Pearson Chute.  These chutes are unique in that the 2 sides squeeze at the same time, whereas most chutes operate on a V principle levering against the cow from a narrow base.  The Pearson chute better lets me deal with all sizes and ages of cattle ... and if you don't think those little ones can't get you, then think again.  I can still wrestle my spring calves around, they're weighing about 300 pounds now, but in another month no way.  I'm building an actual cattle handling facility in the loafing shed side of the barn that will have a holding pen, a cutting gate, the squeeze chute and a loading area all on a concrete floor ... we'll have to have a party to christen it when its all done.  For the time being I have the chute in a temporary location and did a little trial run over the holiday weekend.  Life has changed ... oh my gosh, you can't believe the difference.  I worked 8 head in less than 2 hours when it would have taken me at least twice that long without the chute and much harder on the body.  Aside for a small ooops when I left the wrong gate open and one of my old bossy cows got out and refused, well, refused for quite a while to go back into the barn, But we got her.  All in all, everything ran pretty well, especially given the makeshift chute leading into the squeeze chute.  (This isn't my chute, but its almost an exact replica.)